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Chicago, IL: June 19th - 21st 2024

New York, NY: September 25th - 27th 2024

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 New York Training 

Nuova Simonelli Training Course Outline: 

This course outline is a brief description, showing what to expect when attending a Nuova Simonelli professional training class.

Introduction on operation of espresso machines: 

In this section a Technician or Salesperson will understand how the espresso machine and grinder work. They will understand and perform operations duties as if they were barista. This allows people to break the ice and relax understand the operations of the equipment.

  • Adjust and take care of a commercial espresso grinder.
  • Program espresso machine and daily general maintenance.
  • Learn how to make proper espresso drinks.

Installation and Setup:

This section covers the proper installation of the commercial espresso machine.

  • Prepare the location for Install. (Know before you go)
  • Understanding how each water system works. Everpure, Ciqua, H2o, Cuno, ect.
  • Making sure the water is being condition properly. Water Softener, Filter, Taste odor.
  • Make sure the customer understands their obligation to changing water conditioning equipment. Explaining, to customer that warranty will be void if water is not maintained to a certain hardness level.

Hydraulics understanding:

This section will cover the accessing of the machine. Then we will review the flow of water through system, breaking down all individual parts, which work in the hydraulic system.

  • Identifying each part in the hydraulics system. Understanding their function, and service life of each part.
  • Trouble shooting the hydraulic system.


This section will give the technician the ability to understand how to test different parts of the machine using a digital voltage/ ohms meter.  

  • How to check flow meters for proper operation.
  • How to check heating circuit
  • How to check a switch
  • How to check high limit
  • How to check the auto fill system
  • How to check signals for the machine board.
  • How to do resistance test. Coils, heating elements, wiring of machine.
  • How to check grounds of equipment.
  • Understanding mathematical calculations for voltage and ampere.

Service overhaul/Preventive maintenance:

This section will show how to perform a proper service on espresso machine. Checking and servicing different wear point on a machine.

  • We have example pm booklets; we hand out for our equipment. Also, we have preventive maintenance checklist for our different lines of equipment.
  • In the event of a catastrophic failure scale build up, milk contamination, or foreign substance. We show how to repair, decalcify, and identify the problems.


This section covers the understanding what adjusts that can be made to our equipment to compensate for different coffees.

  • Adjusting the pump pressure.
  • Adjusting the water level
  • Adjusting the pressure stat
  • Resetting certain jets for various coffees.

Trouble shooting:

This section covers from human error to machine faults. The technician will be able to identify what is customer neglecting or what could be warranty. This section also shows how to correct problems in certain situations.

  • Back flushing
  • Cleaning the drain
  • Cleaning the steam wands
  • Cleaning the machine external
  • Change water filters 
  • Scheduling maintenance