Appia Life

$4,600.00 to $11,750.00
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$4,600.00 to $11,750.00


Consistent, Modern, Precise

Suitable forMedium - High volume locations, demanding professionals.

The Appia Life builds on the success of the Appia, further pushing the limits of the already proven espresso machine. It is a machine of high productivity and high performance. Combined this with its proven reliability and modern style make it the ideal machine for any room.

20% Less Energy
A Life Cycle Assessment study found the Appia Life consumes 20% less energy than the Appia II. This reduction is possible due to the new thermal system, optimization of mechanical components, and the addition of DRYTEX insulation. 

Semi Automatic: The Appia Life semiautomatic is our basic model of the Appia Life series. While it may lack in some technical features, this machine is more than capable of delivering high quality espresso, especially at the hands of a well-trained barista. Being a semiautomatic the machine is in complete control of the barista during the extraction processes requiring them to both start and end it.

Volumetric: The Appia Life Volumetric is the ideal machine for baristas looking for amazingly consistent coffee. Being volumetric this machine allows baristas to program desired volumes and consistently pull shots at that volume throughout the day. Because the barista no longer has to monitor each and every shot, they are given precious time to interact with customers or perhaps begin another order. Making this machine ideal for a number of shops and setups. 

Volumetric XT: For the first time, the Appia Life now has the option to come with a digital display screen. This screen allows for easier dose programming, the ability to view shot timers and steam pressure, an easier to access cleaning cycle, shot counters, and software settings. 

Autosteam: This modification replaces the manual steam handles with a button. The barista can simply place the curved wand in the pitcher of milk and the Gooseneck Autosteam will heat up to, and shut off at, the correct temperature. We recommend that the barista moves the pitcher to texture the milk. This wand includes the Cool Touch technology which prevents skin burns and milk from burning onto the wand.

Features & Specs

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Features & Specs1 Group2 Group Compact2 Group3 Group
Machine Width16"22"31"40"
Machine Height21"21"21"21"
Machine Depth22"22"22"22"
Boiler Size5 lt7.5 lt11 lt15 lt
Volts110110 or 220220220
Amp Draw13131723
Power Input (Nema)5-155-15 / 6-206-20L6-30T
Water Connection RequiredYesYesYesYes
Drain RequiredYesYesYesYes
Autosteam CapableVolumetricVolumetricVolumetric or XTVolumetric
Raised Group HeadsYesYesYesYes
Cool Touch WandsYesYesYesYes
Soft InfusionYesYesYesYes
Digital DisplayNoNoXTNo

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Warranty & Water

Warranty Info

All of our espresso machines come standard with our 2 year manufacturer warranty.

We also sell additional dealer warranties which can be found above.

To file a warranty claim, please download our Defective Part Warranty Claim. 

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Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends the water and quantity of drinks being made (see estimating calculator).